Ambush Makeover Day X 2

We did things a little different today. We had two amazing ladies we whisked away to the salon for a little TLC. The “Ambusher” also unknowingly became the “Ambushee.” Here are the letters we received that made us want to choose not one person, but two for a double ambush day!

Hello, I’d like to nominate my mom Karen for the Ambush Makeover. She’s been wanting a makeover for a while now and she is DEFINITELY very deserving of one. Being the mother of five, she never had much time for herself. Now that we are all grown up, she still always makes it a priority to not only put us 5 first, but she also has 6 grandchildren too. This sounds like a perfect opportunity! Regardless of if she is chosen, I think this idea is fantastic and such a great thing you all are doing in the community for deserving people.

Thank you! — Keriann

Fast forward to letter #2!

Hi Ladies, This is probably an unusual request, but if possible can you do a double ambush makeover? My sister, Keriann wrote to you about our very deserving mom, Karen.  I just happened to come across you yesterday and was going to write in about our mom as well.  I would also like to nominate my sister Keri, who wrote the initial letter to you.  Keri is a bride-to-be, getting married October 27, 2018 here in Pittsburgh, so a combined mother/bride ambush would be perfect.  I think Keri is beautiful, inside and out. She is the kind of sister and friend anybody would be lucky to have. She will drop anything at any time and travel no matter where to help family or friends. So, I am hoping you would consider ambushing her along with our mom. I would love to see her just get pampered with hair/makeup/nails especially with the wedding approaching. She is an amazing person and she deserves a little pampering as well.

A million thanks, Andrea

Done and done! We really had such a blast today with these amazing women. Karen is the mom of 4 girls and a boy and we had the pleasure hanging out with all the gals today at the salon. Here are a few pictures to document our lovely morning. We didn’t have a Photographer for this go-around but we managed to capture some amazing moments via my cell phone! Truly when it comes down to it, its about giving back to people just like this and giving them some great memories even if its only for a few hours!


The surprise — because we really like to make people wonder what is happening…



So back at the salon, we then told Keriann she was ALSO in for a little day of pampering! She was really shocked to say the least. With her wedding day fast approaching in October, Brooke took the time to trim her hair and then do a little bridal trial to play around with possible wedding looks.


It turned out so pretty!



The makeover for mom went great. She doesn’t wear too much makeup in her daily life so just kept things soft and pretty. Less is more! Brooke freshened up her color and gave her a few high-lights to brighten things up!





Keriann also looked like a million bucks. With her updo and a soft and natural makeup look she was ready to go!


A little before and after shot…


Karen with her 4 amazing daughters ❤


The Glam Team — Brooke Rockwell and Julie Marckisotto


Our job is always fun but some days are just a little more special. If you know someone who you’d like to nominate for an upcoming Ambush – don’t hesitate to write us ❤ ❤


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