A Special Mother’s Day Ambush

If we had to describe our recent ambush makeover in a few words it would be — What a perfect day! Truly. Or as Katie, the nominator or our Ambushee called it “Good Vibes Day”. We love that.  That was exactly what it was. A group of people with good vibes to pamper a wonderful lady, Sheri. Here’s a little excerpt of her daughter Katie’s letter to us on our Facebook page which lead us to choose her amazing mama!

First, I just want to say that I am so moved by what you ladies do. I’m literally in tears as I write this message to you. A day of pampering would be a massive deal to my mom. I live in California and would gladly fly home to help make this day as special as it possibly can be for my amazing mom. She’s given me everything she’s ever had to make sure I had a good life and was able to follow my dreams with gusto. When I saw this post I enthusiastically jumped at the opportunity to do something that would help take care of her. Please consider her as your choice for this year’s recipient. Always good vibes, Katie

So this is awesome…Sheri had no idea Katie was even coming home from California until she saw her waiting outside her home that morning in a car picking her up. That was the best surprise of the day I’m sure. Shortly after, we Ambushed Sheri at a cafe near by the new home of Brooke Rockwell hair salon. To say she was surprised is an understatement.


So after the shock wore off and a few happy tears were shed {by all of us!} we were off to start the day at Brooke’s Salon in the Northside.
First line of business — hair! After consulting with Sheri, Brooke added some fresh new hi-lights for summer and gave Sheri a really chic and modern cut ❤
More (((hugs)))
Now time for makeup — Julie kept Sheri looking fresh and glowy and accentuated her own natural beauty. Sheri’s everyday makeup routine is pretty natural so we kept everything in line with that but just made her pretty blue eyes pop!
Evey person we start out with is beautiful for sure — but who doesn’t love a before and after shot!? We’re so happy with how it turned out and hope she loved it as much as us!
before and after
Just when she thought she was done, Jordan Hauser Digital did a little photo-shoot with mom and daughter. You can really see the love these two have for each other a mile away and you can’t help but be in a good mood around them!
The Makeover Team! Julie Marckisotto & Brooke Rockwell
And we can’t forget the man behind the camera, Jordan Hauser! Without him none of these amazing moments would of been captured — Thank you Jordan!
If you have a special person you’d like to nominate for an upcoming makeover, reach out! You can find us on Facebook under Ambush Pittsburgh! It’s simple, just message us why you want to nominate someone and tell us a little about them!
 Until next time ❤

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