Back In Full Swing

What better thing is there than to reward a deserving person with a day of complete relaxation and pampering? Yesterday we did just that. Ambush Pittsburgh has been on a little hiatus but we are back in full swing! This is too good not to keep up. When we reached out for letters asking for some new nominations recently, Kelley and Amanda were quick to respond nominating their sweet mom.

“My mom could really use a day for her. She had to retire from her job to take care of my dad — she would do anything for my dad, my sister and myself. One day to herself is exactly when she needs. She is a beautiful woman but this would really lift her spirits. Thank you so much for considering my mom – she is so very deserving!”

DONE. A day to herself she got and what a day it was. We all had a wonderful time with our Ambush gal, Colleen and her two daughters. Here are just a few pictures that were taken to capture the eventful day!

The Surprise — she thought she was going to a routine eye checkup with her daughter {he-he}…


We explained, nope your not here for that. But your going to be getting a facial treatment, makeup, hair and shopping spree — yep this is better!

Kristin giving Colleen the royal treatment in our relaxing spa room at the studio…



Next up, hair! A little trim & style by Brooke…

blog4.JPGblog5.JPGA little makeup by Julie to accentuate that “glow”…

blog6 blog7

Tag team…


Feeling pretty!


Now that her glam session was over, we all went to Target for a little retail therapy! Colleen was styled by our Stylist, Alexa and they found some great new pieces for her wardrobe…


Colleen with her two lovely daughters, Kelley & Amanda…


Our Glam Team from Left to Right with Colleen… Brooke Rockwell, Kristin Radacsy, Alexa Freeman, Julie Marckisotto & Nikki Braun.  Shout out to Nikki for taking all of the amazing photos from the day!


Do you know someone you’d like to Ambush? Write us and tell us why they could use a day of beauty! Email: — they could be next 😉

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