Springing Forward

What an amazing day Monday was. We are thinking of changing Ambush Pittsburgh to Pamper Pittsburgh — it really isn’t like these women really need a makeover. It’s more about treating someone who really needs a day to themselves and making them feel good. It’s doing things like this for people that makes us really feel like we have the best job in the entire world! It’s been a little while since we were able to do an Ambush and we really couldn’t wait to jump right back in!  So meet Liz, our Ambush nominee who was treated to a day of pampering that she truly deserves! Liz was nominated by her best friend, Christy…

Dear Julie & Brooke, I love that you two do this makeover for deserving ladies. It is so incredibly kind and wonderful of you to put your time, resources and energy into blessing these people. I have a nomination for a beautiful friend of mine, Liz. I would love to see her honored and blessed by this makeover.  She has endured so much hardship in the last three, going on 4 years. To see her feel great about herself would be awesome — she is a beautiful person inside and out. — Christy

We surprised Liz that morning at Panera Bread, she thought she was just having a cup of coffee with her BF!


We then took the ladies shopping at H&M — we had $100 to play with and they have such great pieces for the prices…



Next! Off the salon where the real fun begins…hair and makeup =)

Liz’s cut and color already looked great, so Brooke gave her a relaxing shampoo and styled her hair just perfectly!





Now time for makeup! Liz is a natural beauty…makeup just accentuates the great features she already has…



She literally looked like she was glowing from within — so pretty!



Now for some outfit changes …Liz got a couple adorable Spring dresses for those warmer days ahead!






Love this picture of Christy and Liz — too cute!


Below, our Ambush Team!

Photographer — Matt Quinslik [“Q”], Hair — Brooke Rockwell, Makeup — Julie Marckisotto


We really had the best time with Liz and Christy — thank you guys so much.

Last, we would like to dedicate this blog post to Liz’s husband Matt who lost his battle with Cancer last July. He is pictured with Liz’s two beautiful children, Grace and Griffin ❤


Know someone who you want to nominate for our next Ambush? Email us! AmbushPittsburgh@gmail.com

One thought on “Springing Forward

  1. Denise DeMarco says:

    What a terrific treat for a lovely young woman! She has been through so much and deserved every minute of her special day. What a blessing Ambush Pittsburgh is to those who are in need of a day of pampering. Good Job!!

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