Mother’s Day Makeover!

We have been sorting through emails and really wanted to reward a special mom this week with a surprise Mother’s Day Makeover! So Monday, we were excited to do just this for Tiffany, a busy mom of three little ones! Her sister Heather wrote such a lovely letter to us, we knew she would be perfect for it.  Here’s what she had to say….


Tiffany is a beautiful person, wonderful sister, wife and amazing mother of three! She is not only all these amazing things, but she is also my best friend!  I thought what better way to show her some love then to nominate her for an amazing make over? My sister is so beautiful already, however, as we all know it can get very hectic to say the least in taking care of a household and three young children (5, 2, and 5 months). Tiffany has very  little, if any, time to do special things for herself let alone a haircut. She is such a wonderful person and you never hear her complain about the lack of time she has for herself. She is so amazing at what she does, and I want her to have a day to realize how much she is appreciated!   We love her and would love for her to have a day of her own getting even more beautified! I cannot imagine someone more deserving of something so special! It would be such a blessing if you picked my amazing little sister for the make over. I know that once you meet her, you will immediately see the beautiful spirit in her and see why I want her to win. Thanks so much!
We Ambushed Tiffany at Peet’s Cafe — we are starting to make a habit out of ambushing people here…they do have great coffee! She immediately knew something was up when we walked directly to the table and asked are you Tiffany?! After we explained what would be happening for the rest of the day, her excitement put a smile on all of our faces and we couldn’t wait to get the party started!
The surprise =)
First we hit up H&M because Tiffany mentioned she wanted relaxed, casual pieces she could feel good in while running around town with the kids! This store is great and there were so many nice things to choose from — not to mention she looked great in almost every single thing she tried on.  We also had a few surprise pieces for her as a gift back at the salon!
Already looking good in the first outfit she tried on…
Back at the salon, we always like to get a little before pic!
Brooke did a nice cut for Tiffany since she didn’t really want any color change.  But after just freshening up the ends and curling her hair,  she looked so great!


Tiffany is very natural with her makeup, so just working with a  few key products to bring out her natural beauty was all she needed.  Also just shaped her brows!


The finished look — pretty and polished mommy on the go!



IMAG1337_1 (2)


Tiffany and Heather –cutest sisters ever!


Where the magic happens =)


The team for today, Brooke and I went solo – I think the pics turned out good just from the phone =)


So much fun! Thank you ladies both — we felt like we knew you guys forever, we all need to meet at Pete’s again for coffee soon! XO


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