Celebrating St. Patty’s Day With a Makeover!

This past Monday, March 17th we were excited to get back into full Ambush mode and celebrate a fun day of beauty for our 8th Ambush winner, Missy! Missy’s husband Matt, of 11 years, wrote in and we instantly knew she would be just perfect for this experience and have full day just to herself. This busy mom has 4 little ones all under the age of 7 which includes twins in the mix! Here is what Matt had to say that won us over…

Missy is a hard working stay at home mom who, though having the craziness that can ensue with so many little ones at home, has somehow found a way to work at losing weight.  Missy is very near her goal of losing 60 some pounds.  It would be my hope that I could see her rewarded with something of this sort for all of her hard work.  She would be ecstatic and sincerely blessed to hard a day of the sort!

That morning our makeover team surprised Missy at Peet’s coffee in the Southside where she thought she was just having coffee with April, her sister in-law that also happens to be her best friend!  She was a little confused and very surprised when her husband Matt came walking in with all of us.  To say that she looked shocked is an understatement! We quickly explained what was going on and she was so excited to finally hear she could get her hair done — which she mentioned has been a challenge finding the time for lately.  Here are some photos of the day, although there were many, these capture what a fun day we all had doing this for her!

Hubby presented Missy with a card and also some play money to get some new clothes to fit that new figure!


The Hardings — love this one ❤


Missy with April, who joined along in the fun for the day!


A quick “before” shot at Peet’s before the makeover begins…


 Picking out some color ideas with Brooke, we were excited she wanted to try an ombre look with some brighter red tones! Brooke also freshened up her cut =)





Time for makeup…




The finished results —







The Ambush Team ~ Julie Marckisotto [makeup], Brooke Rockwell [hair] — we were happy to have Marcy Elder come along this time to help with styling for the day!


And can’t forget the man behind the camera who helped us out so much, big thanks again to Dan Speicher!

dan s

Everyone had a blast with Missy and we can’t wait for our next one in May.  If you know someone who would be perfect for an Ambush Makeover, don’t hesitate to write us at ambushpittsburgh@gmail.com. Thanks =)

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