Ambush September ~ Jenny!

So we are back after our summer hiatus, and thought we’d switch it up a little for this month’s Ambush! We took Jenny, the nominator of our February Ambush, Becky.  We knew Jenny was really wanting a new look and an updated picture to include on her blog…Crossing the Bugger Dixon Line, which is super cute by the way, so check it out! A big thank you to her best friend Becky who was instrumental in helping us coordinate this and also bringing in Jenny’s husband so all ends were covered.  Jenny didn’t suspect a thing and thought she was just meeting us for a little “thank you breakfast” for past nominators.  Little did she know…the whole day was shaped around giving her a day of hair, makeup and shopping! Since Jenny’s birthday was just last Tuesday, Becky donated a $100 Gap Giftcard to the shopping spree…it was an all around great day!

The letter we surprised Jenny with~~

We appreciate you coming to our “thank you breakfast” although; it’s actually YOUR OWN AMBUSH! We’re taking you away for a few hours to give you a well-deserved makeover! And it gets better, after hair and makeup…we are going shopping with your $100 gift-card to the GAP given to you by BFF Becky!  It’s all about you today – we know you’ve wanted this for a long time and we’re going to have so much fun!!

Brooke starting Jenny’s hair transformation…

Now time for a little makeup to bring out Jenny’s natural beauty even more…

After only an hour at the salon 🙂

Next stop…Monroeville Mall for a little post-birthday shopping spree! We found some great pieces for Jenny to add to her wardrobe…

We think Jenny looks so great and had such a blast today! XO

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