February Ambush!

Yesterday was our 3rd Ambush and I think I can speak for the rest of my team when I say…they are getting so fun and exciting to do!  There’s nothing like completely taking someone off guard at work (especially early morning on a Monday) and telling them they get to leave for the day so they can get a day of pampering.  Even though Becky already looked super cute when we ambushed her, she sounded like a perfect person when her friend Jenny nominated her…everyone needs a special day now and then don’t you think?

“Becky is the classic definition of a Pittsburgh woman. Intelligent, outgoing, sassy, fiercely independent, and BUSY. Becky has been an amazing friend throughout the years. She is always bubbly and up for an adventure. She is so giving of her time to her family and friends, that she doesn’t leave much time to do anything for herself. I would love to see Becky surprised with a day of pampering and fun. I know she is always looking for ways to update her look and style to match the time constraints and demands of being a mom.” ~Jenny Dixon

This is my favorite part of it all … the surprise factor!

Becky with her friend Jenny who nominated her.

Hair & makeup begins…

We were so thrilled that this month ModCloth gave us some select pieces just for Becky! She got to keep her dress, shoes, bag and winter coat.  Becky loves visiting the ModCloth store online so she was super excited when we showed her the goodies 🙂

Some of our favorite shots of Becky working her new look!

 Becky with her mom and Jenny…

A special thank you to Aire Plichta from ModCloth for helping us coordinate this surprise for Becky! Visit their site at www.modcloth.com for these and so many other great pieces!  Jewelry on Becky is from Stella & Dot (Chantilly Lace Collection), www.stelladot.com/juliemarckisotto.  If you know someone who deserves a makeover please email us at ambushpittsburgh@gmail.com and be sure to include a small letter & photo!

4 thoughts on “February Ambush!

  1. Amie Ley says:

    Becky, you look amazing! Green is definitely your color. I expect those shoes to make an appearance at the office this spring (what size are they? – j/k). Congrats, you totally deserved a day of pampering. What a fantastic idea!

  2. Missy J. says:

    This is such a cool idea! Love it! Wish someone would want you to ambush me!!!! Becky looks fab!

  3. Jenny Schmucker says:

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! You look BEAUTIFUL and that green is to die for!!! You better make good use of those shoes!!! xoxo

  4. Anna Laero says:

    how have I never heard of ambush pittsburgh this is just amazing! I would love to participate sometimes if you need a photographer!

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