Ambush November

So yesterday was our second Ambush!  With such great success of the first one last month we were hoping the second would go as smoothly…and it did!  With the exception of our fabulous photographer, Kathy Wolfe, being under the weather :(, I tried taking some good pictures as best I could.  I can say…I am better at makeup than photography…but I think you can get the gist of it.  Meet our Ambush-ee Peggy!

“I would love nothing more than to see her feel really good about herself and smile. She really deserves this.  She is one of the hardest workers I know and deserves so much more! She is the best mother to her kids and sacrifices clothes for herself just to keep her kids happy. I have had many conversations with her and I know that this would lift her spirits and show her that there are people who care and recognize all the hard work she does.” ~nominated by her friend and co-worker, Vanessa Marcellino

Peggy with Vanessa at their office where we ambushed her…

  In Brooke’s chair, getting a fresh haircut and color…

 Getting the first glimpse of her hair and makeup all put together!

Back in the Ambush-mobile she goes…off to Kohl’s in Monroeville for a little shopping!

Getting styled by Vanessa in great pieces that Peggy can easily add to her wardrobe…

The finished look! An entire outfit for under $60, she looked and felt amazing!

The Makeover Team… From left to right (Vanessa Joseph, Brooke Rockwell, Peggy our nominee , Julie Marckisotto & Chris Corcoran from Stella & Dot) Chris styled Peggy with some amazing jewelry and also gave her a bracelet as a gift ~ Thank you so much Chris!

If you know someone who would be perfect for our next Ambush, don’t wait to write in and nominate them! We’d love to hear why they deserve a day of pampering.  Email us at

2 thoughts on “Ambush November

  1. Patty Kean says:

    Amazing results…one’s people can actually live with! You bring out the beauty that’s there, just hidden!

  2. HERB THEOBALD says:

    What you did for Peggy was very kind .we had dinner together last night and she looked beautiful!!!
    And she was very happy.
    thank you for such a kind gift for her.

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