The Creation of Ambush Pittsburgh!

It started with 2 friends at lunch chatting about things they love ~ photography, makeup, makeovers.  It quickly blossomed into so much more.  The idea ~ ambush people in Pittsburgh who are in need of a little pampering and well…some guidance from the professionals.  Give them a day to remember…an entire makeover from head to toe in less than a few hours.  An outfit change, makeup, haircut or style, and a fantastic photoshoot to showcase their new look.  Ambush Pittsburgh wants to give this deserving person not just a makeover, but also to inspire them to keep up their new look with great discounts from our contributors.

The Makeover Team:

Makeup Artist: Julie Marckisotto of Pittsburgh Makeup & part creator of Ambush Pittsburgh!

Hair: Brooke Rockwell of Brooke Rockwell Hair Design

Stylist: Reach out to help with this if your a Stylist!

Photographer: We’d love your help with this, please email if your interested!

Visit the ABOUT page to learn more about each of us :).

Stay tuned for so much more, we’re just getting started!  To get the ball rolling we need to get some nominated people in need of an ambush. Please email us at  if you are in the Pittsburgh area and know someone in need of our help.  Include a small story about why you nominate this person and a photo if possible. The person you nominate should be available on the last or second to last Monday of the month.  Once we get several nominees we’ll pick out someone who we feel is perfect for an ambush.  We’ll do one makeover candidate per month and keep all stories we get for consideration in the following months. Right now we are looking to do the first ambush on October 24th, 2011 but we need your help so get nominating!


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