Back In Full Swing

What better thing is there than to reward a deserving person with a day of complete relaxation and pampering? Yesterday we did just that. Ambush Pittsburgh has been on a little hiatus but we are back in full swing! This is too good not to keep up. When we reached out for letters asking for some new nominations recently, Kelley and Amanda were quick to respond nominating their sweet mom.

“My mom could really use a day for her. She had to retire from her job to take care of my dad — she would do anything for my dad, my sister and myself. One day to herself is exactly when she needs. She is a beautiful woman but this would really lift her spirits. Thank you so much for considering my mom – she is so very deserving!”

DONE. A day to herself she got and what a day it was. We all had a wonderful time with our Ambush gal, Colleen and her two daughters. Here are just a few pictures that were taken to capture the eventful day!

The Surprise — she thought she was going to a routine eye checkup with her daughter {he-he}…


We explained, nope your not here for that. But your going to be getting a facial treatment, makeup, hair and shopping spree — yep this is better!

Kristin giving Colleen the royal treatment in our relaxing spa room at the studio…



Next up, hair! A little trim & style by Brooke…

blog4.JPGblog5.JPGA little makeup by Julie to accentuate that “glow”…

blog6 blog7

Tag team…


Feeling pretty!


Now that her glam session was over, we all went to Target for a little retail therapy! Colleen was styled by our Stylist, Alexa and they found some great new pieces for her wardrobe…


Colleen with her two lovely daughters, Kelley & Amanda…


Our Glam Team from Left to Right with Colleen… Brooke Rockwell, Kristin Radacsy, Alexa Freeman, Julie Marckisotto & Nikki Braun.¬† Shout out to Nikki for taking all of the amazing photos from the day!


Do you know someone you’d like to Ambush? Write us and tell us why they could use a day of beauty! Email: — they could be next ūüėČ


Springing Forward

What an amazing day Monday was. We are thinking of changing Ambush Pittsburgh to Pamper Pittsburgh — it really isn’t like these women really¬†need a makeover. It’s more about treating someone who really needs a day to themselves and making them feel good. It’s doing things like this for people that makes us really feel like we have the best job in the entire world! It’s been a little while since we were able to do an Ambush and we really couldn’t wait to jump right back in! ¬†So meet Liz, our Ambush nominee who was treated to a day of pampering that she truly deserves! Liz was nominated by her best friend, Christy…

Dear Julie & Brooke, I love that you two do this makeover for deserving ladies. It is so incredibly kind and wonderful of you to put your time, resources and energy into blessing these people. I have a nomination for a beautiful friend of mine, Liz. I would love to see her honored and blessed by this makeover. ¬†She has endured so much hardship in the last three, going on 4 years. To see her feel great about herself would be awesome — she is a beautiful person inside and out. — Christy

We surprised Liz that morning at Panera Bread, she thought she was just having a cup of coffee with her BF!


We then took the ladies shopping at H&M — we had $100 to play with and they have such great pieces for the prices…



Next! Off the salon where the real fun begins…hair and makeup =)

Liz’s cut and color already looked great, so Brooke gave her a relaxing shampoo and styled her hair just perfectly!





Now time for makeup! Liz is a natural beauty…makeup just accentuates the great features she already has…



She literally looked like she was glowing from within — so pretty!



Now for some outfit changes …Liz got a couple adorable Spring dresses for those warmer days ahead!






Love this picture of Christy and Liz — too cute!


Below, our Ambush Team!

Photographer — Matt Quinslik [“Q”], Hair — Brooke Rockwell, Makeup — Julie Marckisotto


We really had the best time with Liz and Christy — thank you guys so much.

Last, we would like to dedicate this blog post to Liz’s husband Matt who lost his battle with Cancer last July. He is pictured with Liz’s two beautiful children, Grace and Griffin ‚̧


Know someone who you want to nominate for our next Ambush? Email us!

Mother’s Day Makeover!

We have been sorting through emails and really wanted to reward a special mom this week with a surprise Mother’s Day Makeover! So Monday, we were excited to do just this for Tiffany, a busy mom of three little ones! Her sister Heather wrote such a lovely letter to us, we knew she would be perfect for it.  Here’s what she had to say….


Tiffany is a beautiful person, wonderful sister, wife and amazing mother of three! She is not only all these amazing things, but she is also my best friend!  I thought what better way to show her some love then to nominate her for an amazing make over? My sister is so beautiful already, however, as we all know it can get very hectic to say the least in taking care of a household and three young children (5, 2, and 5 months). Tiffany has very  little, if any, time to do special things for herself let alone a haircut. She is such a wonderful person and you never hear her complain about the lack of time she has for herself. She is so amazing at what she does, and I want her to have a day to realize how much she is appreciated!   We love her and would love for her to have a day of her own getting even more beautified! I cannot imagine someone more deserving of something so special! It would be such a blessing if you picked my amazing little sister for the make over. I know that once you meet her, you will immediately see the beautiful spirit in her and see why I want her to win. Thanks so much!
We Ambushed Tiffany at Peet‚Äôs Cafe — we are starting to make a habit out of ambushing people here…they do have great coffee! She immediately knew something was up when we walked directly to the table and asked are you Tiffany?! After we explained what would be happening for the rest of the day, her excitement put a smile on all of our faces and we couldn’t wait to get the party started!
The surprise =)
First we hit up H&M because Tiffany mentioned she wanted relaxed, casual pieces she could feel good in while running around town with the kids! This store is great and there were so many nice things to choose from — not to mention she looked great in almost every single thing she tried on. ¬†We also had a few surprise pieces for her as a gift back at the salon!
Already looking good in the first outfit she tried on…
Back at the salon, we always like to get a little before pic!
Brooke did a nice cut for Tiffany since she didn’t really want any color change. ¬†But after just freshening up the ends and curling her hair, ¬†she looked so great!


Tiffany is very natural with her makeup, so just working with a  few key products to bring out her natural beauty was all she needed.  Also just shaped her brows!


The finished look — pretty and polished mommy on the go!



IMAG1337_1 (2)


Tiffany and Heather –cutest sisters ever!


Where the magic happens =)


The team for today, Brooke and I went solo – I think the pics turned out good just from the phone =)


So much fun! Thank you ladies both — we felt like we knew you guys forever, we all need to meet at Pete’s again for coffee soon! XO


Celebrating St. Patty’s Day With a Makeover!

This past Monday, March 17th we were excited to get back into full Ambush mode and celebrate¬†a fun day of beauty¬†for our 8th Ambush winner, Missy! Missy’s husband Matt, of 11 years,¬†wrote in and¬†we instantly¬†knew she would be just perfect for¬†this experience and have full day just to herself. This¬†busy mom has¬†4¬†little ones all under the age of 7 which includes twins in the mix! Here is¬†what¬†Matt had to say that won us over…

Missy is a hard working stay at home mom who, though having the craziness that can ensue with so many little ones at home, has somehow found a way to work at losing weight.  Missy is very near her goal of losing 60 some pounds.  It would be my hope that I could see her rewarded with something of this sort for all of her hard work.  She would be ecstatic and sincerely blessed to hard a day of the sort!

That morning our makeover team surprised Missy at Peet’s coffee in the Southside where she thought she was just having coffee with April, her sister in-law that also happens to be her best friend!¬† She was a little confused and very surprised when her husband Matt¬†came walking in¬†with all of us.¬†¬†To say that she looked shocked is an understatement! We quickly explained what was going on and she was so excited to finally hear she could get her hair done — which she mentioned has been a challenge finding the time for lately.¬† Here are some photos of the day, although there were many, these capture what a fun day we all had¬†doing this for her!

Hubby presented Missy with a card and also some play money to get some new clothes to fit that new figure!


The Hardings — love this one ‚̧


Missy with April, who joined along in the fun for the day!


A quick “before” shot at Peet’s before the makeover begins…


 Picking out some color ideas with Brooke, we were excited she wanted to try an ombre look with some brighter red tones! Brooke also freshened up her cut =)





Time for makeup…




The finished results —







The Ambush Team¬†~¬†Julie Marckisotto [makeup], Brooke Rockwell [hair]¬†— we were happy to have Marcy Elder come along this time¬†to help with styling for the day!


And can’t forget the man behind the camera¬†who helped us out so much, big thanks again¬†to Dan Speicher!

dan s

Everyone had a blast with Missy and we can’t wait for our next one in May.¬† If you know someone who would be perfect for an Ambush Makeover, don’t hesitate to¬†write us at Thanks =)

Mother’s Day Ambush!

This past Monday¬†marked our¬†7th¬†Ambush!¬†We wanted to honor¬†Mother’s Day¬†and choose a special nominee for the occasion¬†— so meet Carol Liska! What a fun and rewarding day it was from the very start when our team ambushed her at the Panera¬†Bread¬†that morning.¬† What she thought was going to be a quiet cup of coffee¬†quickly turned into a day of hair, makeup and clothing — but hopefully lots of fun as well!¬† When we received the nomination from her¬†daughters Melissa and Tina,¬†we knew this¬†beautiful mother¬†was in need of a little¬†pampering.¬† Carol has shown¬†tremendous strength and perseverance through many difficult family times.¬†¬†We were truly touched by what this amazing lady has been through in her life, but also by what she has accomplished.¬†¬†After 45¬†years she just recently quit smoking¬†and that is truly amazing and something to be so proud of! Since this was our Mother‚Äôs Day tribute makeover, it worked out so great because Tina and Melissa presented their mom with a¬†gift card to JC Penny‚Äôs.¬† Below are just a¬†few pictures taken that day by¬†Jaianne Lowden who¬†generoulsy¬†volunteered as our Photographer.¬†¬†Thank you so much to everyone who helped pull off a fantastic¬†Ambush and¬†special day¬†for Carol.

A few tears were shed when she found out what¬†was going on,¬†awe I just love this part …

2013-05-13 08.43.55

The “before” picture taken at¬†the salon for the day begins …

2013-05-13 09.26.18

Brooke¬†gave Carol a¬†fresh cut and a few hi-lights to her already pretty hair-color …

2013-05-13 10.00.48

2013-05-13 10.06.20

Now for some finishing touches¬†in the makeup department …

2013-05-13 10.18.36

2013-05-13 10.31.03

2013-05-13 10.36.26

Checking out the finished product …

2013-05-13 10.37.07

A quick pic before leaving the salon with¬†her hair and makeup team,¬†Brooke and Julie ūüôā

2013-05-13 10.45.02

Off to Penny’s where¬†we met up with Colleen, our Stylist who¬†arrived early to select a few pieces for Carol that she could easily incorporate in her wardrobe.¬† Thanks¬†Colleen, you did¬†a great job!

As you can see¬†we all¬†jumped in,¬†it was fun picking out clothes and accessories for her …

2013-05-13 11.48.40

A couple finished looks that she ended up with … green is her color!

2013-05-13 11.56.08

2013-05-13 11.56.16

2013-05-13 12.11.49

Just a few minor¬†things done at the salon and she looks amazing …


¬†Our little team with Ms. Carol — Brooke Rockwell, Jaianne¬†Lowden, Colleen Boyle and¬†Julie Marckisotto

2013-05-13 12.32.14

All of us at Ambush Pittsburgh would like to dedicate this to Carol’s son Christopher who recently passed away from Small Cell Lung Cancer.

Ambush February 2013

Yesterday was our 6th Ambush and it was a very special one! When we received an email about Olivia, an inspiring woman who has recently overcome challenging obstacles in her life, we were excited to give her a pampering day of beauty that she’ll remember.  Olivia is a busy mom and is currently trying to re-enter the job market.  Our goal was to give her some extra help in creating a professional look with hair, makeup and clothing.  We were lucky enough to have a $200 gift-card donated from an organization to Lane Bryant in Monroeville Mall, so Olivia could get a few great pieces started in her work wardrobe. We had a great time getting to know this wonderful lady and hope she had just as much fun with us!

A special thank you to Dan Speicher, who¬†volunteered as our Photographer yesterday. He did such an amazing¬†job and we can‚Äôt thank him enough for¬†helping us out¬†‚Äď we hope to work with you again soon!

I also would like to welcome¬†our new Stylist to the Ambush Team —¬†Colleen Boyle,¬†soon to be Colleen McKeever this October! Colleen is a student at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where she¬†studies Fashion/Retail Management.¬†¬†Thanks so much Colleen for all of your help with yesterday’s Ambush, we can’t wait to have you do more with us!

Ms. Olivia when she got to Brooke’s Salon …



Done with hair and feeling good so far …


A few touches to bring out Olivia’s natural beauty …


Hair and makeup completed!


She has such a great smile ūüôā


The polka – dot makeover team … Julie Marckisotto¬†& Brooke Rockwell


Next we were off to Lane Bryant in Monroeville Mall to take advantage of that gift-card. Olivia was able to get some great new items for her wardrobe and she looked amazing!




The before and after ~ go knock ’em dead girl!

before after

Ambush September ~ Jenny!

So we are back after our summer hiatus, and thought we‚Äôd switch it up a little for this month‚Äôs Ambush! We took Jenny, the nominator of¬†our February¬†Ambush, Becky.¬† We knew Jenny was really wanting a new look¬†and an¬†updated picture to include¬†on her blog‚ĶCrossing the Bugger Dixon Line, which is super cute by the way, so check it out! A big thank you to her¬†best friend Becky who was instrumental in helping us coordinate this and¬†also bringing in Jenny’s husband¬†so all ends were covered.¬†¬†Jenny didn‚Äôt suspect a thing and thought she¬†was¬†just meeting¬†us for a little¬†‚Äúthank you breakfast‚ÄĚ for past nominators.¬†¬†Little did she know‚Ķthe whole day was shaped around¬†giving her a day of hair, makeup and shopping! Since Jenny’s birthday was just last Tuesday, Becky donated a $100 Gap Giftcard to the shopping spree…it was an all around¬†great day!

The letter we surprised Jenny with~~

We appreciate you coming to our ‚Äúthank you breakfast‚ÄĚ although; it‚Äôs actually YOUR OWN AMBUSH! We‚Äôre taking you away for a few hours to give you a well-deserved makeover! And it gets better, after hair and makeup‚Ķwe are going shopping with your $100 gift-card to the GAP given to you by BFF Becky!¬† It‚Äôs all about you today ‚Äď we know you‚Äôve wanted this for a long time and we‚Äôre going to have so much fun!!

Brooke starting¬†Jenny’s hair transformation…

Now time for a little¬†makeup to bring out Jenny’s natural beauty even more…

After only an hour at the salon ūüôā

Next stop…Monroeville Mall for a little post-birthday shopping spree! We found some great pieces for Jenny to add to her wardrobe…

We think Jenny looks so great and had such a blast today! XO